Mentoring for young people with disabilities
‘Linking potential with success...’


To give young aspiring goal setters with disabilities the support and guidance they need to follow their own dream and achieve excellence.

Focus on what can be done, not what can’t.


  • Fostering self growth – Increase confidence
  • Setting goals and achieve milestones
  • Linking young people’s goals with opportunities to enhance the journey of their dreams
  • Encouraging and promote the qualities and potential of young people with disabilities
  • Providing access to new networks

Are you Eligible for this program?

  • You Have a disability
  • You have a clear vision of your academic, career and or personal goal
  • You will commit to the relationship agreed upon with my mentor and carabiner
  • You are prepared to meet travel costs for meetings with my mentor
  • You will accept responsibility for your development plan and be committed throughout


Phone Email Text Message

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I declare that the information I have supplied is true and correct. I agree that I will meet the conditions mentioned in this application.