Mentee Application

Mentoring for young people with disabilities
‘Linking potential with success...’


To give young aspiring goal setters with disabilities the support and guidance they need to follow their own dream and achieve their goals.



Carabiner Mentoring seeks to:

  • Support young people with very specific goals to achieve them
  • Foster self growth – increase confidence
  • Provide access to new networks

Are You Interested In Becoming a Carabiner Mentee?

Do you have the following:

  • A disability
  • A very specific academic, career-based, and/or personal goal
  • Drive and motivation to achieve your goal
  • Prepared to meet travel costs for meetings with your mentor
  • Commitment to achieving your goal


Phone Email Text Message

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1. How does your disability impact you?

2. Is there any other relevant information that would be useful for us to know?

3. What do you currently do? For example: Study, work, socially, hobbies, etc.

4. What personal achievements are you most proud of?

5. What goal are you aiming towards?

6. What would you like to achieve with Carabiner Mentoring? (Please ensure your goal is specific and measurable.)



9. What do you think you might find challenging about achieving your goal?


I declare that the information I have supplied is true and correct. I agree that I will meet the conditions mentioned in this application.