Mentor Application

Mentoring for young people with disabilities
‘Linking potential with success...’


To share your experiences with a highly-motivated individual who will learn much from the journey you’ve taken to succeed.

A mentor is someone who supports a disabled young person’s vision, lets them know the steps they need to take to achieve it and supports them on their journey to achieving their goal.

Mentors are people who know what it takes to achieve their goals.


Are You Interested in Becoming a Carabiner Mentor?

  • Be open minded and supportive
  • Assist mentees to identify their next steps
  • Share experience of their proven field of expertise
  • Create opportunities that may not otherwise be available to mentee i.e. increased visibility, access to networks
  • Accept that over certain periods; the role may be more “hands on” and viewed more as a coach rather than Mentor.
  • Support self-confidence through encouragement and positive constructive feedback

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