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Get a Mentor

Share your most ambitious dreams with Carabiner and we’ll link you with a mentor who’s been their done that.

A mentor is someone who supports your vision, let's you know the steps you need to take to achieve it and creates an avenue for you to build the qualities for success
e.g. resilience, perseverance and the most positive attitude to see you focused on your strengths.

Carabiner is for people who have faced extra-ordinary challenges and are:

  • Living in Auckland (or a regular visitor)
  • 17 – 25 years of age
  • In the pursuit of excellence
  • Committed to putting in the work

If this is you, fill in our application form and we’ll link potential with success to see you achieving more.

Become a Mentor

What does it mean to be a Carabiner Mentor?

Carabiner is a goal based mentoring programme for individuals with ambition, motivation and dreams, we link these individuals with mentors who have a similar
passion. Carabiner mentors are people who are experienced in a certain area and would like to pass on their knowledge, support and advice to young people who are
at the beginning of their journey. They may also open up opportunities and challenges for these young people.
Being a mentor may mean you have a one o meeting with a young person (mentoree) or it may mean you have several meetings with that young person to help
them achieve their goals and dreams. Carabiner is restructuring our programme, traditionally Carabiner mentoring relationships lasted 12 months with one mentor
and mentoree meeting once a month over this 12 month period. We want mentoring relationships to be more flexible than this, as our mentorees may get the information
and support they need from one or two meetings or they may need to meet with their mentor several times to help them on their journey. They also may want
to meet with their mentor once every 3 months or once every 2 weeks it is up to the mentor and mentoree as to how frequently and how many times you meet.
We are making these changes to make Carabiner mentoring a more rewarding and beneficial experience for our mentorees and mentors, also to make it easier for our
busy mentors to commit to the programme. The Carabiner coordinator is here to support mentors and can be contacted by phone or email.

About being a Mentor

There are many benefits to being a Mentor:

  • The opportunity to motivate and inspire Young People in same field of interest
  • A chance to share, give skills and experience that will make a dierence to another
  • Broaden your Networks
  • Meet other interesting Mentors
  • A chance to be a community role model
  • Increase your awareness of youth and people who live with extraordinary challenges
  • Enhance your relationship building skills
  • Learn ways to interact with the Y generation
  • Meet young people who you may be interested to employ.

If this is you, fill in our application form and we’ll link potential with success to see you achieving more.