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Get a Mentor

Do you have a specific goal that gets you excited when you think about it? Would you like to chat with a mentor who's had the same goal, and achieved it? Carabiner might be for you!

A mentor is someone who supports where you want to go, lets you know the steps you need to take to achieve your goal and supports you on your journey to success.

Carabiner is for young people with disabilities who are:

  • Living in Auckland or Christchurch (or a regular visitor)
  • Aged 18 – 25 years
  • Are motivated and driven
  • Committed to putting in the work

If this is you, or you would like to find out more about the programme, please fill in our application form and we will be in touch with you.

Become a Mentor

What does it mean to be a Carabiner Mentor?

Carabiner is a specific goal-based Mentoring programme for young people with disabilities who demonstrate motivation, determination, and drive to achieve a specific aspirational goal. We match these young people with “experts” in their field of interest to support them on their journey to achieving their goal.

Being a Carabiner Mentor sometimes means that Mentors simply meet a young person once, to let them know how they got to where they are, whereas other times Mentors and the young person meet regularly over a period of time. This, of course, is completely up to the Mentor. Sometimes a relationship may form between Mentors and Mentees, so they both decide to continue meeting while the young person works to achieve their goal.


There are many benefits to being a Mentor:

  • The opportunity to motivate and inspire young people in same field of interest
  • An opportunity to share, give skills and experience that will make a difference to another person
  • Broaden your networks
  • An opportunity to be a community role model
  • Increase your awareness of young people with disabilities
  • Learn ways to interact with the next generation

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor or finding out more about the programme, please fill in our application form and we will be in touch.